Alain Lagger
  photocredit @jochyfersobe

 photocredit @jochyfersobe

Life constantly provides us with opportunities to grow towards living our fullest, most powerful expression. We all have dreams and goals and by the lessons we learn we get closer and closer to living those dreams. Learning a lesson or experiencing a breakthrough towards your goals can be seen as the creation of a seed. From this seed you are now able to grow new experiences that are more in alignment with our deepest desires to create harmony, flow and abundance in life. 

It is not the breakthrough or insight, but the work you'll put into nurturing the seed that will change your experience. Different aspects of your life, like your relationships, living and work environment can be seen as the soil in which your seeds develop. As a coach, I support my clients on the journey to create the most fertile soil in which you can grow towards creations you never imagined possible.