The Practice of Mental Alchemy


Learn how to manifest flow, abundance and fulfillment in all areas of your experience. Everything you need is already within you and your fullest potential can be unlocked.

As a personal coach over the last 10 years, I have served a wide variety of people and developed a simple Life Alchemy approach that is inspired by the wisdom of sacred geometric symbols, which are the building blocks of all life.

Alchemy is the practice of transforming one energetic expression into another. Just as the ancient mystics spoke of transforming base metals into gold, we can learn to transform our fears into courage, insecurities into confidence and our pain into valuable lessons that guide us towards the love and fulfillment we seek.

“Alain helped me find my true power. He shared the right tools that had me find inner peace and taught me how to manifest my desires.”
— Jean-Paul Vertesus
“There’s no one on the planet like Alain. You will know what I mean when you meet him. Caution: Prepare to have your perception of reality shattered. Life will never be the same.”
— Nadine Velazquez
“...Alain inspires, mentors and encourages you to find your path and purpose in order to fulfill your destiny. If you want to truly take charge of your life and fulfill your dreams then his course is an excellent place to initiate that process.”
— Dr. Elizabeth Baggs