Alain has a track record of building happiness-driven company culture helping increase productivity and wellbeing within organizations. He has taken his experience as Director of Happiness at Open English, Latin America’s largest online educational platform, and is helping organizations globally through motivational speaking engagements, management team building, sales team and service training, workshops, retreats and corporate culture consulting. 

The retreats Alain hosts are tailored to the specific needs to fit the culture and needs of the group and designed to create direct, measurable results. Participants will learn to improve communication while deepening their levels of trust and connection with peers. 



Open English is an online language educational platform with over 2000 employees all across Latin America. As Director of Happiness for Open English, Alain developed a cultural plan and produced an on-boarding training event for employees to familiarize and initiate them into the new values and culture of the organization. Alain travelled to seven locations across Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina to deliver the event inspiring and empowering employees to create change within their organization. During his time as the Director of Happiness, Alain’s coaching and culture program resulted in a 30% growth in sales, 12% decrease in employee rotation and 30% decrease in absenteeism for Open English.


Molpack is the leading  packaging manufacturer in Latin America with seven factories and 1000 employees. Alain started his journey with Molpack as a Culture Consultant through initiating a culture assessment to understand the organization and areas for improvement. 

From this diagnostic, he developed a bespoke Culture Re-Design plan which included training and certifying a group of 25 Molpack employees into Happiness Ambassadors during a 3-day immersive retreat. 

These ambassadors returned to their respective workplaces all over Latin America empowered with a framework and tools to implement the program and increase happiness within their organization.  Since Alain started working with Molpack, they have  won 30 Great Place to Work Awards across Latin America.